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I have to be very clear and transparent before we begin for my own personal health and wellness.

I am extremely sensitive to EMF and I cannot work on anyone who took the CV (MRNA) shots.

I am MRNA vaccine free.

All my clientele are MRNA vaccine free.


I am an Empath. I awoke in 2006 and realized I was sent here to do wonderful things with my life. And I have...

My ability as an Empath allows me to hone in on the emotional and spiritual needs of my clients through heightened intuition and treat them accordingly.

My main focus is helping client’s transition through the Awakening process, I have the answers to questions they seek. Giving them tools to navigate this upside-down world we live in.  Once you learn to harness your gifts, being a sensitive soul becomes a beautiful thing. Education on spiritual growth is so important for the newly awoken. I was sent here to shine. My light is bright, I work from the heart, totally’s the only way.
I am often commended on my ability to connect with my clients quickly and I am able to seek out their needs and requirements in a prompt and effective manner.

I am honored that I keep meeting the most wonderful people who enrich my life, and this in turn helps me to touch the lives of those who come in to mine.

I have been aware of Alternative Healing for many years, and acknowledged my calling in 2009. My business has flourished rapidly since then mainly through word-of-mouth. My many 5 star reviews reflect that. I take extreme pride in what I do!

Created in 2009, Tranquility Natural Healing boasts two beautiful healing studios, in Wasaga Beach and Central Uxbridge.  It is a stress free, kid friendly environment. I welcome the little starseeds...I absolutely love working with them.

It fills my heart with joy when I help someone who is waking up, giving them reassurance that all the symptoms they are experiencing are all quite normal..and that they are not alone. I guide them and arm them with tools and information so that they can progress and expand their consciousness at their own pace while protecting themselves.

I was put on this planet to shine bright for people and guide them back to the light when they become lost. Our world is currently going through many changes...some of which are very dark and low vibrational. We now find ourselves in a world where very few people have answers to very difficult questions...I can answer those questions for you.

You will become the best you that you can be once you see me. I will draw out your strengths.

I'm looking forward to meeting you...don't hesitate, book now!

Love & Light,

Roberta Swan 



Roberta Swan



As time goes by through this Ascension wave we are in, I find that I have been challenged in my belief system over & over again.

Each time my faith is tested, it Strengthens & Validates the choices I have made.

I AM an Organic Human Being living in the Creators Image.

I AM Love
I AM Light
I AM Soverign
I AM Free




My philosophy is that if people can be physically ill or mentally ill, then logic dictates they can be spiritually ill.  This is where our current medical (or sick system) fails us.  We are more than a collection of body parts.  Recent research shows that plants share the same DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) receptors as human beings.  It is aptly named "the spirit molecule" and currently has modern science stumped.  It is proof that we, and the plants and trees around us are one.  Destroy them and we destroy ourselves.


















My second philosophy is “MOVE!" Sounds simple, but it is such a powerful and effective message that so many people have forgotten.  And as such they are, and remain sick.  Simple physics dictate that "an object in motion, stays in motion, and an object at rest, will remain at rest."  Those who remain at rest too often will become sick.  This, I can guarantee you.  If you learn one thing from me, or take away one thing from me, please take this message and the word "move."   And move!


I like to promote wellness not only by setting an example but by being an example.   I feel that my athletic appearance strengthens my “MOVE!" philosophy.


Enclosing, I feel the term “healer” is used very loosely.  Through various treatment modalities, taking into consideration the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person... as well as a person who takes responsibility for his or her own health, then only can a person truly be "healed."



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