I woke up in 2006 and knew I had been sent here to help Humanity transition through The Great Awakening. I had this deep inner knowing that the world was not right, I had no idea just how wrong it truly is. 

We live in a Prison Plant Loosh Farm.

The enslavement of humanity happened eons ago by negative dark forces who hijack this planet and enslaved humanity. 

They use satanic blood magic to cast their spells over humanity.

They have used MK Ultra programming through the television and radio for years. Turn it OFF!

Every disease has a patent number created in a laboratory.

Vaccines are the root cause of all illness in the human body

Chemtrails are the delivery mechanism for viruses.

I have been researching this for many years now.

I have complied many of my sources here for you to do your own research.

By now most of you are aware there is something very wrong.

Everything , I mean EVERYTHING is 180 degrees from the truth that you have been taught. 

You do not want to return to this prison planet loosh farm matrix!

Educate yourself. Please!