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I woke up in 2006 and knew I had been sent here to help Humanity transition through The Great Awakening. I had this deep inner knowing that the world was not right...little did I know just how bad things would become. ​

We live in a Prison Planet Loosh Farm. It is not known exactly when the archonic forces broke through and lowjacked this planet...but my partner felt something change in 2016. He stated "the anti-christ has arrived." ​ They use blood magic rituals to cast their spells over humanity. ​

They have used MK Ultra programming through the television and radio for years. Turn it OFF!

Every disease has a patent number created in a laboratory. ​ Vaccines are the root cause of most, if not all illness in the human body. They once had a purpose, their purpose is to now make you sick, kill you, track you, and hook you up to AI Hive Mind. ​

Chemtrails are the delivery mechanism for viruses, heavy metals and self-replicating nano bots. ​

I have been researching this for many years now. ​ I have complied many of my sources here for you to do your own research. ​ By now most of you are aware there is something very wrong. ​


Everything , I mean EVERYTHING is 180 degrees from truth. ​ ​

You do not want to return to this Prison Planet Loosh Farm Matrix!


Educate yourself. Please!



My name is Roberta Swan

If you are here listening to me, you are the resistance


Despite every obstacle you have made it this far!

And that is something to be very proud of!

I AM a Warrior of The Light

I am here to activate Soldiers of The Light

The good news is it only take one to activate many

This is a lot of knowledge in one gulp

Hang on to your hats!


Our circle is getting smaller by the day, we must get this message out to​

The Organic Humans!

It is imperative for our survival!


We all know the news is fake and movies are real

It’s “their only rule”… they must disclose what they are doing. Only few can spot when they are communicating truth.

IE, on his death bed, Rowdy Rawdy Piper stated that “They Live” wasn’t a movie, it’s a documentary. It’s on Netflix. Watch it.


-Netflix is a psyop to lower vibration and hypnotize the masses. My partner Michael has actually caught real spells and incantations being said. Notice the colors being bled into the the shows on Netflix. The colors are actually sentient and you are seeing who is controlling this planet at this time.


-Breaking Bad. The number one show on TV next to The Sopranos…there’s not a scene in it without green when the main character Walt is shown. The colour is there to bring your vibration down to let hypnosis in.


Next we saw emerald green appear just as the Biological Weapon was delivered. The emerald / creepy green was to instill fear.


Next, and now we see Magenta bleeding into all of their agenda laden TV shows and commercials. Magenta is here to get you to accept the Luciferian AI system that’s upon us now. It is growing by the say.

Check out AI art. Say a few words, a painting is made. The NPC’s do not see the danger in this. The thievery of the human spirit.


Don’t watch TV. It’s all hypnosis and a medium for the controllers to get at your mind.


Have Binaural Beats on your TV if you have to watch it. They are very therapeutic and the 12,000 Hz frequencies agitate the bad energies in the Astral that are after and feeding on your Loosh Energy.



I recently watched Jupiter Ascending and was shocked at how close to the truth it is..


Earth IS a Prison Planet Soul Trap Loosh Farm Recycling Bin taken over by aliens forces. They have been harvesting humans for ‘Loosh Energy’ since the beginning of time

They use the hands of the toxic beings of this earth to program us, torture us, abuse us, poison us, profit off us…anything to throw us off the path of the natural human we were meant to be.

Never in history has a mass of people awoken to this as much as now.

As poles shift, it throws earth’s magnetic lines of force into the situations the controllers cannot control…so what are these shots for? To destroy the human spirit. Digitize it. Own it. Control it with 6G, the IOB (Internet of Bodies). 5G is the IOT (Internet of Things (cars etc).


All that matters is that we remain ORGANIC at all cost and that we have the knowledge to never be recycled back to this Prison Planet Loosh Farm.

You need to make it through the miasms, the layers of the onion of fuckery and trickery that are waiting for you when you pass on to the other side.

You need to make it to your creator, the I Am, unscathed.

This whole Prison Planet Soul Trap Loosh Farm Recycling Bin has been designed to keep us returning here in a loop.


Many of you sitting here know you’ve been here before…many times.

When I ask my partner Michael how old he is, he says “6000 years, I’ve been here forever, I have seen it all, all I can do is to pass on knowledge now for those who will listen on how never to return here again.”


This is the last opportunity. This is biblical. All humans returning here will be digitized and thus lost to the creator.

The addition of a third strain of DNA has you in a AI Digital Hive Mind owned and controlled by the governments of the world.

Police will not be needed. They will drop you where you stand if you fall out of line with societal standards.

We are seeing this already with the hundreds of videos showing up on Bitchute of people looking to the right, fighting something only seen to them

and dropping dead.


Their conscious mind Is being stolen at that point and uploaded to a whopper computer and their avatars are discarded.

How did we get here? It took a long time. Their patience and use of incremental steps is uncanny.

They keep you Soo busy every day with all our little boxes you don’t have time to think for yourself.​

How better to crush the soul of creativity than the movie Falling Down. Driven insane by running on the hamster wheel. Our world was never meant to be this way.


We live in a box, we drive in a box to get to the bigger box, so we can pay for all the​ boxes, we communicate with a box, we give birth in a box, we get repaired in a box. And now we’re boxed in and there’s literally nowhere to escape to.

We must go gray. Blend in with the GMO hive mind keeping in mind how dangerous the frequency they give off is.

The GMOs will infect the ORGANICs. This was their plan all along. This is why they wanted that magic 70% mark. The blood supply is contaminated. The

GMOs are giving off an EMF energy that can grab you into their frequency. The evil genius of this is there is no contagion.

Stay away from them.

Do not swap bodily fluids with them.

There is no help for them.

5000 percent increase in mortality since the they started giving people the shots.

check out 20mins in...


I am now encountering GMOs lying about their status to blend in.

THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE as they make us sick!  I will be conducting an experiment over the next few weeks on how to gage this. My spydee senses are pretty bang on, however id like solid presentable proof.


The technology is nothing we’ve ever seen before. Self assembling nano tubes that replicate to destroy the immune systems of these individuals while acting like an antenna to the 6G Towers.



We’ve been asleep at the wheel. While we have been asleep, our masters have been hard at work plotting our demise.

Money, colour, status, religion..all boxes​


We are in the biggest fight between the Light & the Dark this realm has ever witnessed

Divide & Conquer is their greatest strategy (Art of War 101)


They put you in little boxes with labels

I am a this…(black, white, yellow, Christian, Muslim, New Age, Jewish , LGBT freak show)​ More military grade psyops putting humans in boxes to fight each other.

They create the boxes and sit back and watch the carnage.

It’s their greatest weapon.

Thus this, can no longer communicate with that.

Unless we remove the boxes we were put in, the astral will continue to feed off the loosh created between the friction of the factions.

No boxes allowed.

The momentum must always be moving forward.


The fight for Humanity is on. As above, so below, the spirit world is at war too.

You may feel alone / abandoned lately. The angels of this realm are not available to you right now as they are busy in a fierce war in the Astral for this realm.


The signs (and this takes a trained eye):

The Clouds tell you everything, we started watching the clouds after we figured out that they are the delivery mechanism for viruses and gases to extinguish us. We did this for a many years, you can see the deamons/arcons in them. It’s wild.​

You can also see Sylphs in the clouds which are the good guys soaking up the poisons to protect you.



Chemtrails/God clouds(cumulus)

God earth/simulation earth

-Dale Dufay

Terras of the Milky-way

Parallel lives on a multitude of earth’s.

The largest thing to ever happen in history is the Mandela Effect. Two or more realms bleeding into each other. But you are in all of these realms.

Multidimensional beings/Multitude of earths

Ears ringing/shifting sickness/jumping earths/timelines

Tall/small in the morning

Can change throughout the day​, By 5.10 to 6.4

As the simulation shifts from organic Earth to simulation earth heights will change, pay attention to these signs

Road snakes/street signs /trees​

Dogs nose pink/brown /black


Chemtrails/God clouds(cumulus)

God earth/simulation earth




Angels are fearless Warriors not gentle beings

If they appear at the end of your bed they will appear as Warriors dripping of spiritual warfare

There is an Angelic /Arconic war that has been going on since the beginning of time. It is now raging this is why people feel so alone. They are not available to comfort any human spiritual beings at this time.

Who is God? You are 👉

A fractile of God, the creator and he proved this to you by incarnating here in human form as Jesus to show you that he is you and you are him.

We are Creator Beings​ /The Embodiment of Christ

(This why they want your soul)​

‘Kingdom of heaven is within’​ /We are all God’s /‘You can all do as I do’​

The Bible is the biggest book of clue

You must remember it was written by men/arcons who want to control you,

The other side must tell you what they are going to do to you before they do it.

It’s their only rule!

Ie. Mark of the beast /

People will be asking for death and they cannot die

In the Bible he calls himself the I AM

The devil mocks him by referring to himself as the I AM I

The best way to understand the Light is to study the darkness

Charles Manson said the smaller the hole you put me in the bigger I get​

Bottom line..​

You are either here fighting for the Light or you’re not and you belong to the darkness​



So they gave you access to the tree of knowledge via Lucifer, the fallen angel (the bearer of light, light is knowledge) via the internet, the forbidden tree of knowledge.

They even put a bite out of the Apple as symbology…the tree of knowledge.

They gave it to us for twenty years unrestricted. 1992 – 2022.

The wild rules, no regulations. Now you will need Digital ID to access it.

Those who used the tree of knowledge wisely, like Dorthy in The Wizard of Oz (the greatest truth drop of all time) got the key at the end of the rainbow on how to exit this Prison Planet Soul Trap Loosh Farm Recycling Bin once and for all.

Just say “No” when you get to the other side.

Lessons on how to avoid the trickery on the other side were given. Just like Dorthy… “there’s no place like home”… you say “no to any archons on the other side that are presenting themselves as your favorite Aunt, your Dog, your family…they are inside your mind, so they know what matters to you.

You say “no, I want to be with my Creator (there’s no place like home)” and you will escape this prison planet where they feed off your Loosh.

Those who spent their time in the tree of knowledge taking pictures of cleavage for Instagram will be recycled back here for another infinite amount of lives until another opportunity is made to access The Tree of Knowledge in whatever form it may appear.

Or not, as they are now digitized and hooked up to a mainframe hive mine via the jab.​

This may have been the last opportunity.​



THIS IS a prison planet soul trap loosh farm recycling bin

Tunnel up/Tunnel down/Souls cycling

-Wayne Bush,

-Mark, Forever Conscious Research Channel

-Dan, Overwatch Project Channel

All three collaborate.. Through near death experiences. Thousands.. They noticed several patterns that they were all tricked into retuning here by arcons in the 4th dimension astral realm which is not far from here

The arcons know what is in your mind already so they will present as something or someone that will grab your heart

Explain what happened with BooBear and Arconic trickery..

I was meditating and a beautiful blond angel appeared and bent a knee, spread his wings and bowed his head at my feet

He said 'thank you for your service to humanity ‘ I thought this was BooBear retuning to me in Angelic form thanking me for looking after him and changing the law on Puppy Importation /Puppy Trafficking​

I told Michael of my experience and he explained to me that it was trickery by an arcon – thanking me for sending a ball of Light back to Creator, one less Light Warrior in the realm, BooBear was a huge energy in a very tiny broken body.​

This is how their trickery works.. I have experienced it!​

When you expire here and enter the next phase of your journey home..​

Come to the light/You have work to do/Etc.. Is what they will say to you


It is all Arconic trickery which has been going on since the beginning of time

This is the Great Awakening v the great reset​

They do not want you to have this knowledge and now that you do expect to be messed with by the arcons which we refer to as the notnilC




What I've written below is a mess. When I speak with the other side and / or get downloads, I try to type them but the words are streaming so fast and I can feel resistance to me being able to type them out. The whole page will disappear, typos, grammar etc.. it all goes wrong. The skinny is that you can be vaxxed when you are dead. If you have granted use of your body parts (contract) to donor harvesting which, like everything, is another human created scam. "The vaxxed will vax the unvaxxed" was the message I received during the plandemic...this is why they wanted that magic 70% number. Think of the chrome metal in Terminator 2 fighting to get back to the host to reform. This is how your soul-cells fight to get back to your soul when you die. Read on below. I think you will understood what I am trying to say. <> Donated Body Parts - How This Affects You Soul in a Digiti­zed World! Organ Doner Harvest - check (fooled) Trafficking - (check) Soul Trapped (yes) Trafficking in body parts has now changed dramatically. If you donate your body parts when you die, your body parts will likely end up in a digital body With every cell in your body in every body part connected to your soul, theoreciaclly you can be vaxxed when you are dead. Yes. Think of the Bible..­.the angel of death creeped through the night and people dro­pped where they stoo­d. It's like they're trying to re-create their KJV edited Bi­ble. Like there's so­me power in mocking the Bible story. Only they're doing it digitally. With a body full of injections, metals, graphine, a digital frequency will now be in control of the body parts that you (stupidly) allowed body part traffi­ckers to steal from your body. Those body parts will now be imme­nsed in a body full of nano blood contro­lled by the digital hive mind. Every cell in your body in every organ is connected to your soul which resides outs­ide of your body. Every cell has an an­tenna to your soul. If your body parts are placed into a dig­itized body, that be­longs to the digital hive mind, that cell will now be trying to connect / relay the digital hive mind to you soul which now lays in purgatory as yo­ur body is scattered and not complete. If your body is not complete when you di­e, your soul, which is outside your body will search incessa­ntly for the rest of your body and cells before it moves on. While your soul is rel­aying a signal searching for your body and every soul-cell within your body in every body part, a bat­tle between the digi­tal hive mind and your soul will en­sue and the stronge­st will win. You will either: 1) Lay in purgatory per­manently 2) Pull your soul-cells out of the digital hive mind. 3) Your soul will be pu­lled into the digital hive mind via even one soul-cell in one body part because it is you. People with donated body parts often report the phenomenon of experiencing or feeling their donors' life experiences. Take this to the nefarious black magick nth degree that you can't even imagine and your soul is stolen and harvested by you checking a box on your driver's license. Yet again another la­yer of trickery on how to grab your soul. There is a layer of what is happening th­at no one in truth is talking about and that's the lucifer / Satan story bleeding into the people who were fooled and are dropping dead like flies daily. The Di­ed Suddenly Groups on Facebook are full daily. The Satan wan­ts to mock the creat­or, its creator, by snuffing out these pe­ople and snuffing out their light completely and permanently...which he/she/­it (pronouns) is doi­ng perfectly at the moment. Also, keep in mind, the blood supply is​ contaminated. Digi­tal Blood. This is why they wanted the magic 70% number "The vaxxed will vax the unvaxxed..." (eventually). Patience and incrementalism is their strength. All individuals of the light should have a power of attorney acting on their behalf or they will have digital people making digital decisions for them if the worst happens. Have a power of attorney and a living will! That power of attorn­ey could enact your wishes and pull you out of the digital blood / donor harvesting environment to bri­ng you home to exit this realm safely, unvaxxed. Make sure you uncheck your organ doner situation on every do­cument, including up­dating your will! Make sure you never end up in a hospital without a living will or a power of attorney to stop them from digitizing you and stealing your soul! This is the final incarnation for you...all souls that return here will be digitized and lost forever. The Angel of Death is here...r­e-created by the dar­kness that's current­ly in control of this earth...only it's digital, and can grab you even if you are already dead.. -Michael & Roberta


Heavy download... 


Here is my latest:


All young soul NPC souls can do is regurgitate information

Title: Bahl Dance


Title: Spilt Atom / Split Adam


Use CERN to cast black magick over the masses to split the Adam (man).


Celebration bahl dance afterwards. In their face.


Cast spell over humanity to teach AI the number of old souls vs new souls present at this time. BETA test the COVID cull and how many will fall for it.


NPC's were created by the notnilc or whatever you want to call the controllers. NPC's are created in a testtube and manipulated by all forms of media to be worker bees.


Television is a weapon.


War of the Worlds (radio) was another beta test.


NPC's were needed to run this world. No longer needed, so kill them.


Organic high level humans will watch them die. Organic humans will remain. Will not be controlled, so must control. Many will parish as soul is gradually broken and delivered to us.


Young NPC souls will fall for this hook line sinker. They did.




They needed to gauge success vs failure rate because worldwide takeover.


How do you cast a spell over humanity


You use CERN and throw black majic into the pot of CERN.




Nobody is getting though to those in the captured realm and no one will. It is impossible. They know this. Don't bother trying. Take note of terminology "captured realm."


Bahl came through to me spelled with an "H". Bahl. I don't know why.


See screenshots on who Baal is. Notice reference to "Beware Kings of the East" (China).


CERN's job is to split the Atom use it to split the Adam (man).They did...

The anti christ was recently crowned - The Bahl Celebration


-Michael & Roberta


**CERN is a Luciferain state near Switzerland


They have created the larger quantum computer in the world


They can replicate the 'big bang' with quantum physics


They tore a hole through done in 2016 to let demons cast from earth eon ago in


This is why the vibration of the planet dropped so dramatically


Mike felt the anti christ arrive


The have created ripples in time


Mandela effect


The layering /bleeding of two realms /realities into each other


NPCs =like a video game


Non player charcters


The walking dead zombies, sheeple


*the filiment = dome


Is the evil of this earth personified?

Red light/ Buses/Stub you toe/Slow driver/Fights etc..

Loosh Energy – is the archonic realm messing with you to get a reaction – which feeds them ‘Loosh Energy’​

Don’t react – say I see you – fuck you – your not gonna spoil my day!!!​

This happens to my clientele constantly on their way to see me for a session, it’s almost comical now..​

Now you know you are over the target and how this matrix operates and has operated since the beginning of time

It is imperative that you pass this knowledge along as time is running out for the Organic Human

Think terminator the movie




Arcons/Deamons – some jump from person to person, some stay for a while, some are entwined into your soul from lifetimes ago

Especially when you see those ‘bad luck chuck kind of people’​

-Howdie Mickoski ,




New ages is dangerous in two ways..

It’s a ‘new religion’ /crowd control/ another box

In the new age movement every one is into circles for healing /gathering – this is so very dangerous!​

When you join a circle, you are contractually agreeing to everything in that circle – everyone has archonic attachments –​ some from 3000yrs ago- demonic witches or worse.​

Then you add you fire into the centre of the circle – fire is alchemy and binds these to your soul!!​


Many are into full moon ceremonies new Moon ceremonies – the moon is connected to dark majik – we live in a relam run by a satanic luciferin cult called the cabal

You are opening dark majik portals


All these people giving psychic readings are opening to portals every time they tap into a client for a reading, they have no idea who they are truly talking to..​

Arcons will morph into whatever you want to see, they will jump through that portal and feed upon you, the reader will be full of Arcons feeding on her, you go to see her and you get jumped as you are a new source of food

The readers slowly become a shell of who they once were, dried up withered old hags depleted of all their light, so then they have to feed upon their clients coming for readings just to have enough energy to survive another day


This goes for many Light workers also, I hear of all these people doing shamanic courses /Reiki courses etc. and they are being taught to clear clients.. What a load of crock.. It is not something to be taught.. This is Sooo spiritually irresponsible! All you are doing is collecting other peoples boogies!​

I know, I see the damaged​

There are very few in this realm who can truly clear these things!​

People seek us out when they are totally spiritually messed up!​





Netflix is all psyops and programming​

All these new age witch and wizard shows are actually using real incantations spelling you through the tel a lie vison

Children are getting digitally jumped using online gaming / video gaming chat rooms – deamons lurk in all dark places​




I’m a hyper sensitive individual​

I become very unwell when exposed /close quarters with GMOs

Headache/Nausea/Extreme Fatigue​

Most often need a pj day after close contact

GMOs are dangerous to the ORGANICs ​


Not only do we have to deal with entity jump ins​

We now have to deal with digital jump ins

Iv had my soul attacked a few times now


One of my experiences..​

I always have my eyes covered with big sunglasses as your eyes are the window to your soul. I protect mine fiercely

I was getting my hair done and an old lady caught my eye in the mirror for a split second!​

By the time I got home I felt so vacant – like I was gone to another place​

Michael clocked it as soon as I sat down​

He could feel my soul being pulled away/detached from me.​

He had to intervene – I am a full time job for him.. No joke..​


I am an Empath, hypersensitive to everyone and everything In This world.​

Michael is an Incarnate, he walks with one foot in each world. He sees into peoples souls. He is here to fight corruption in the human realm and the spiritual realm. He has the true ability to fight Deamons.​

When he goes into the other side to fight a deamon – it takes the life force of a 100 men to do a true clearing. He can be in a coma like state for days after recovering from battle.​

When he encounters archonic jump ins they usually just run away from his energy​

We are like the Pitbull and a butterfly​

I go around sprinkling my pixie dust and shinning my light and he is my energetic bouncer keeping me safe.​

Ironically my mother named me perfectly.. Roberta means to Shine Bright! ✨


The GMOs are a digital hive mind now.  They are weapons

I realized just how dangerous they were becoming when I was getting increasingly unwell as they got more and more became GMO while working on them

I have strict boundaries in place for this reason 

I am 100% ORGANIC​

ALL of my clientele are 100% ORGANIC​

Everything is Frequency and Vibration, I woke up in 2006 and have learned to harness these to create Unique and Powerful treatments to combat the negative assault humanity faces on a daily basis from every angle imaginable.​

My role is constantly evolving at light speed, right now it is To teach this knowledge that they are trying to cancel out the Organic Human Beings.​

Escaping the Matrix – Prison Planet Soul Trap Loosh Farm Recycling Binis the only this that matters now​

They are now jabbing fetuses in the womb. We are the last of the Organic Humans. We must never get tricked again into recycling back here.​

It Is time to go home to Creator when this avatar is worn-out.​




Survive this Reset we must come out the other side unscathed




The one saving grace in all of this madness is Duality!​

It’s another karmic rule –​

What the dark forces have done to humanity in the last few years is unbelievably cruel, such horrific levels of pain, torture and suffering​

The Light will strike back with even greater force for the atrocities done to the human race

Everything in this universe is duality​


Light/dark, Up/down, Yin/yang

Duality is needed for balance




Binaural Beats, 12000hz/10000hz






Truth Drop Movies​


-Jupiter rising,

Mutliverse, Timeline jumping, Aliens,

Harvesting Humans life force for eternal life






Multi dimensional, Aliens, Harvesting Humans for Energy


-Dr Sleep​,

Traveling Gypsy/Deamons,

Harvesting ‘Empath/Starseed’ Children life force energy for eternal life


-Falling Down,

He’s on the hamster wheel and kept so busy and distracted he snaps to then go on a rampage


-Breaking Bad,

The desperation of surviving the hamster wheel, he gets cancer & turns his high school chemistry skills and breaks bad joins the darkness and becomes the biggest meth dealers in the world




-Howdie Mickoski Talks, Escaping Plato’s Cave


-Changing Matrix, A pharmacist who flew into the chemtrails for analysis! Most devoted truther out there!

-Dark Journalist, Best guest speakers out there


-Gigi Young, Intuitive Mystic


-Dale Dufay, Terras of the Milky-way - You’r not in Kansas anymore!


-Max Igan, The Crow House.​

Straight from the Creator, everything you need to know.​


-Dan, Overwatch Channel.​

Learn how to identify the trickery to never be recycled back to this loosh farm prison planet.


-Mark, Forever Conscious Research Channel.

Learn how to identify the trickery to never be recycled back to this loosh farm prison planet.


-​Matt, Quantum of Conscience channel.​

Learn how the creepy table operates. Reality is breaking down.​


-Wayne Bush​

How to identify the archonic trickery that will stop you from escaping this prison planet soul trap loosh farm.​

-Anthony Patch

How the NPCs of this world, were tricked by the devils of this world into losing their souls to a mainframe hive mined whopper computer via the jab


-Harold Kautz Vella

Black Goo/Chemtrails​/light deamons/crab /alien


.Black Goo – programmable matter


.Black Goo, Arcons & Gaia


.Deamons & Black Goo​


.Chemtrails & Black Goo


-Dr Carrie Madge





-The Kergan Repot

He reads from the VAERS database daily.

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