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Before we begin, I have to be very clear and transparent:

I AM Vaxxine Free

ALL of my clientele are Vaxxine Free


I am extremely sensitive to EMF and cannot work on anyone who has had the CV shots.


When CV hit I lost 70% of my clientele.


As people returned, I became very unwell as they started to get the CV shots.


While working on a vaxxed person I get severe headaches, nausea, dizziness and extreme fatigue.


I had to shut my business down in Oct 2021 for a few months as I had become so drained and needed to figure out what was happening to me.


Since then, I have put strict boundaries in place for my own personal health as I am extremely sensitive to EMF and I only work with vaxxine free clients.


Recently when in contact with vaxxed people en masse (shopping, lineups, etc) I have experienced Intercranial Hypertension (swelling of the brain) which is extremely painful.


Part V: Right to refuse or to stop work where health and safety is in danger


The right to refuse work

The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) gives a worker the right to refuse work that he or she believes is unsafe to himself/ herself or another worker.


The right to refuse unsafe work applies to all workers other than specified types of workers in specified circumstances. For further information, please refer to subsections 43(1) and (2) of the Act.

A worker can refuse to work if he or she has reason to believe that:

  • the physical condition of the workplace or workstation is likely to endanger himself or herself [clause 43(3)(b)]

Work can be stopped only in "dangerous circumstances" [subsection 44(1)].

This means a situation in which all of the following apply:

  • the contravention poses a danger or a hazard to a worker


Roberta Swan, Tranquility Natural Healing

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Cancellation Policy
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